We are dedicated haworthia enthusiasts with a passion for growing and caring for these charming succulents. Our blog aims to share helpful tips and fascinating facts about haworthias.

Haworthias are a delightful genus of small, compact succulents native to South Africa. With their distinctive rosette growth pattern and intricate leaf markings, haworthias make excellent houseplants that even beginners can enjoy.

We specialize in growing haworthia species and hybrids, with a particular fondness for Haworthia mutica, Haworthia coarctata f. baccata, and other hardy haworthias that thrive indoors.

Through our blog, we hope to spread our love for these special plants. We’ll cover haworthia care topics like proper watering, soil recommendations, propagating new plants from offsets, and bringing out the best colors with the right lighting conditions. Expect plenty of eye-catching photos of our haworthia collection too!

We have years of experience growing all sorts of succulents. Now we want to share our haworthia expertise so you can succeed in growing these delightful plants. Contact us anytime if you have questions about your haworthia!